• The best way to fade scars

    The best way to fade scars

    The scar formation on the skin is often the most troublesome, so what is the best way to lighten this scar? Today, Reiko will teach you some of the best ways to lighten the scar and make you confident!

    Causes of scar formation:

    Scars are traces formed after damaged skin tissues are healed. 開刀疤痕The main reason for scar formation is that the skin is damaged by the deep reticular layer of the dermis. When the wound is healed, it will be accompanied by scar formation to varying degrees.

    The best way to fade scars:

    1. Chop the white onion prepared in advance into fine pieces, then add eggs and mix thoroughly, pour out the adjusted liquid, add coix seed powder or flour and then fully evenly, it is best to apply the mask on the scar and wait for 20- Rinse off with water for 30 minutes, and finally apply toner.

    2. Apply lavender essential oil directly on the scar. This is best for 1-2 years old scars, but it is not so effective for new and old scars over 8 years old.

    3. prepare half a potato, then cut it into a thin slice, apply it directly on the scarred part, wait for 15 minutes, take it off, and then wash it off with water.

    4. Cut the ginger into two halves, and then rub it back and forth directly on the scar. Don't pay attention to excessive force. If you stick to it, you can dilute the scar. 》》》The most effective way to remove acne marks

    5. poke the vitamin E capsule with a needle, then take the liquid inside and apply it on the scar, then gently rub and press for 5-10 minutes. When the vitamin E liquid penetrates into the skin, it can exert its light scar and emollient effect. Worked.

    precautions for diminishing scars:

    1. Because the melanin in scar tissue is extremely active under ultraviolet light, sun protection cannot be ignored. It is recommended to apply sunscreen with appropriate sun protection value before going out to protect scars.

    2. Separate food and diet. Avoid eating beef, lamb, dog meat, seafood, and spicy foods, such as peppers, onions, and leeks. You can eat more kelp, seaweed and other foods to improve body scars.

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